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I don’t want to be alive

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It’s just at the point where he has broken me. I am nothing. I mean nothing. He took everything away. I’ve never let a man mean so much. Ever. But he did. He meant everything. And he just broke me. He hurt me so bad and I’m never going to heal. He just gives me a little sunlight then turns it all to gray sky’s again and I dog even want to see the sun anymore. I’m just used to living in a perpetual storm. I’m gonna tag him. He never gets on here. Maybe someday if I decide to leave life he will see this. Maybe someday he will read it and know how bad he hurt me. Probably not. Lol boys goldntrees even his tumblr is different now. He never got on ever but he got on long enough to change the picture.

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my idea of a good time is eating food while downloading music in bed

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my resolution for 2014 is literally not to fuck up my life more than it already is

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my milkshakes bring all the boys are the yard and they’re like “your friend is hot”

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"Condoms don’t work."

"Your first time is supposed to hurt."

"Girls don’t masturbate."


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me: hi, can i have a large—

starbucks employee: you mean a venti?

me: can we not do this 

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